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Helpful Documents for Current Patients and Families

Hospice Documents: Our Facilities

Patient Home Binder

Your Patient Home Binder contains a wide range of information regarding Bear Valley Hospice and the care we will be providing to you. Please review the "Welcome Handbook" section for a comprehensive understanding of our services or click the link below to read it online.

Quick Info Sheet

The 'Quick Info Sheet' lists our 24/7 phone number as well as other emergency contact information and guidelines regarding when (and who) to call for help. This information is located in your Patient Home Binder or you can click the link below to view our Quick Info Sheet.

Emergency Contacts

The 'Emergency or Disaster Contact Information Sheet' contains phone numbers to various organizations throughout the Big Bear Valley that you may need to contact in case of an emergency.  This information is also located in Section 11 of your Patient Home Binder or you can click the link below to view.

Local Caregiving Resources

Bear Valley Hospice maintains a list of local caregiving providers as a resource for the community.  Please note that these caregivers and caregiving companies are not affiliated with Bear Valley Hospice in any way. This list is not an endorsement or recommendation by Bear Valley Hospice. Please do your due diligence in researching your caregiving options.

Perception of Care Survey

Please make sure to fill out and return our 'Perception of Care Survey.'  This survey provides us with valuable information regarding our quality of care, marketing techniques, and patient's needs.  The Perception of Care Survey is completely anonymous and all answers are kept confidential. We mail out the survey every few months or you can click the link below to download.  Feel free to email, mail, or drop off a completed copy of your survey to our office. Thank you!

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